The future of IT firms.

Updated: Jan 22

Post COVID Era!
Post COVID Era!

COVID-19 really changed the world in every sphere. Post COVID-19 we are going to see the following changes in IT firms-

  • No more physical branches for avoiding the infrastructure and its maintenance costs. People realized that they can work as a team though separated by geographical distance. All these firms need an IT remote-workplace for working as teams in an organization.

  • Work-life balance for employees for they work from home. Employees will be having flexible work hours as they will be WFH. Employees will have targets and goals but not deadlines avoiding stress and encouraging ownership.

  • Climate change will be reversed for there will be less pollution due to the employees who will telecommute.

  • IT firms without any physical branches can operate from a Cloud or Hosting Provider.

  • Monthly meetings and gatherings at a lunch buffet followed by some fun activities for the employees are recommended to learn more about their colleagues.

  • Talented employees matter than the number of employees.

  • Social media is the way to get introduced to Fortune 1000 businesses and get their business from them while working from home.

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