Society's responsibility to feed poor children.

Poor kids.
Poor kids.

Every child is a pillar of the future. Just tell me what is the sin these poor children have done. They are innocent and we as a society must ensure these poor children are provided with food and don't suffer from hunger. I know Governments are doing their best in this case, but it is possible to eliminate Hunger from the World only with the help of Every Human. Why can't restaurants and hotels provide these kids food for free when these kids visit them? This act of Humanity is small but will definitely keep our kids happier and we will be promised a good healthy society where there will be lesser crimes. I won't mind if these kids are asked to do some petty tasks at the restaurant/ hotel just in case to cover the cost of the food they offered. I know every journey starts with a single step. I wish at least some restaurants/ hotels start making this a practice and be ideal to the rest of us. The restaurants/ hotels can charge their rich customers with this poor child feeding tax. Sarve Jana Sukhinobhavantu!

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